Here’s the pitch for a middle grade novel, SCIENCETASTIC SUPERGIRLS…

When a substitute teacher starts ranting about how dark energy is ripping the universe apart, 12-year-old Julia Veltman knows to write him off as a wackadoodle. She is, after all, one of the four members of the Sciencetastic SuperGirls after-school club. So when it turns out that dark energy is real and her physicist parents have even written classified government documents about it, Julia’s like an electron knocked out of orbit. With the twitchy sub now refusing to share anything else, the SuperGirls have to go all superspy to find out more.

A series of covert missions involving lip gloss and dental floss lead to an elevator in the most unexpected place, and the SuperGirls discover that Julia’s parents are running a secret, dark energy-detecting super collider under their town. Which would be wicked awesome, if it didn’t mean they’ve been lying to her for years. But now that her parents are just days away from announcing some earth-shattering discovery, Julia’s got bigger problems

She’s got an army of ninjas on her tail. Their plan: kidnap Julia to stop her parents.

What the ninjas don’t know is that Julia’s not one to sit quietly tied up in a closet – and the other Scientastic SuperGirls aren’t about to let some dudes in black stand between them and one of their own.

Complete at 63,000 words, SCIENCETASTIC SUPERGIRLS is a standalone upper middle grade novel with series potential. It has an action-packed, girl-powered mystery similar to Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series, but for a younger audience


SWIMMING WITH TCHAIKOVSKY is a young adult suspense with elements of magical realism, complete at 69,000 words. Here’s my pitch…

The week of the St. Petersburg Tchaikovsky Competition is no time to get distracted, but when 17-year-old Sally Hotchkiss’s host father gets kidnapped, she can’t play cello without seeing visions hinting at how to rescue him. Not exactly ideal for the biggest competition of your life, and the thug-for-hire now on her tail doesn’t help either. Teaming up with her host sister Irina, Sally deciphers the clues in the visions and tracks them to the upper echelons of the police department. She might be a consummate rule-follower back home, but she’s going to have to break some rules and blow off the competition if she wants to keep a member of her newfound family from ending up in a dumpster.

The primary plot of SWIMMING WITH TCHAIKOVSKY takes place in the present day, while the visions trace a story line about love and resilience that stretches from Tsarist Russia through the Soviet era, with each vision rooted in a piece of music from the time.