Making It Official…

This is one week late, but I’m just surfacing from the mind masher that is revisions. (There’s something cathartic about thinking that hard, but it’s also probably good — at least for my family — that I come up for air.)

Anyway, amid all the deep thinking that went on last week was the signing of THE CONTRACT!*

* A very important document that makes it legally difficult for Tricia to run away screaming when I pitch her my next manuscript idea: Swamp Chickens That Are Secretly Pulling the Strings of the Global Economy.


You may not know this, but it’s very important to have your peanut butter toast close at hand when signing any contract. Ethan can tell you that.

You might wonder: why is your toddler there, too? Well, as any stay-at-home-mama/writer can tell you, every single word written is connected to your child: their sleep schedule, their love for the PBS show, Sid the Science Kid, their ability to quietly open both the flour and sugar canisters in the kitchen and amuse themselves for hours…

So, really this was like a team effort.

Also, he’s always there.*

     *which is fine because, if you haven’t noticed, he’s super cute.


Go Team!


Ethan signed his own contract, too. I think it said something about unlimited access to the flour and sugar canisters.

It all adds up to a big WAHOOOOO!!!



June 12, 2012 · 6:53 am

17 responses to “Making It Official…

  1. First comment! First comment!


    *throws confetti* *runs around* *does toe touches*

    I’m so glad you signed for this book about the SSGs, before anyone else signed for a book about any of those other WAY lame science clubs.

    *tackle hugs*


    Also, MASSIVELY cute toddler!

  3. Leigh Ann, you are all SORTS of awesomesacue!

    I tackle hug you back!

  4. Thank you, Tamara!!!

    He IS super cute. But I do love confirmation from others 🙂

  5. Ahhh, he’s so cute. I hope you read the fine print in HIS contract, he probably slipped something in about extra cookies at bedtime or something.


  6. @Suzi,
    Oh, definitely. Never let your client write up their own contract in squiggles.
    I blame the heat of the moment. 🙂

  7. Dee

    Such cute pictures. Congrats on making it official!

  8. Thanks, Dee!

    I was lucky to have my photographer father-in-law staying with us at the time! I;ve never gotten that Ethan smile captured on myself. (He’s always in motion on his way to see the picture.)

  9. OK, that was the cutest contract-signing post ever. Perhaps you can rent Ethan out for contract assistance for people who don’t have their own adorable toddler to help? And no need to limit it to agency agreements and book deals–I’m thinking ketubah signings, prenups… =)

    (P.S. Hooray for making it official! Can’t wait to celebrate with you in person in a couple of weeks!)

  10. Ethan is highly rentable! Quite affordable, too — he just takes his payment by leaving branches in your bedroom and bits of cheese in all the places you’ll never look.

    And YAY for an in-person celebration!! I can’t wait!

  11. such a great moment. congratulations. now i am craving peanut butter toast (and a contract to sign with a cute toddler).

  12. Thanks, Valerie! I do believe at least two of those tihngs are in your near future:)

  13. Dahlia

    AAAAH how did I not see this until now?!?! CONGRATULATIONS, ANN!!! I’m so, so excited to see your manuscript find an awesome home!!! (And these are the freaking cutest pictures ever!!)

  14. Thanks, Dahlia! I’m super excited — and I bet you can believe that 🙂

  15. This is such exciting news!!! I’m so, SO EXCITED to read this story! And I’m proud to have been a part of your Voice family!! 😀 YAY!!

  16. Woo-hoo!!! SUCH a well-earned moment. Can’t wait to hear book deal news!
    Thanks for sharing such adorable photos 🙂


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