More Wordle Fun

For the sake of pure amusement and geekdom, here is a Wordle based on the character names mentioned in the 200 Writer’s Voice entries.

Wordle: lots of character names

Fascinating, eh?

I should stop now because I promised I would only do four blog posts a year, and I’m already up to my quota.



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5 responses to “More Wordle Fun

  1. Betsy

    Love it!

  2. I love that you did this! So, at the risk of sounding like a total noob, are the larger names used more frequently? And, are these all of them? (I don’t see mine on there, so I was just curious.) 🙂

  3. GREAT catch, Jessa! I went back and it turned out the maximum word count was set at 150. Not enough for us! I bumped it up, and now the Wordle should have everyone’s characters. Thank you!!

    And yes, you’re right. The bigger they are, the more frequently they showed up.

  4. That’s pretty cool. And we lazy people appreciate when you motivated people do fun things like this. Or the others who analyzed all the genres in the contest. Thanks.


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